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The Laboratory of Novosibirsk State University for school and university students "Engiwiki" is the place for collecting ideas and the point of their transformation and assembly into projects generated in science and business.

It's a a place where technological solutions for education are found by IT companies coupled with professionalism of mentors and the energy and inquisitiveness of school students
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A caring nurse
The purpose of the project is to develop and design a device capable of controlling the person's state of health. It is possible to make it by tracing biological parameters of the patient (for example, body temperature) and transferring the data to a smartphone, using Bluetooth.
Pulling the rope by weakening of pulse
A device that allows developing the ability to control and change own pulse in the form of a game has been designed. A special Intel-Edison card the players wear is equipped with two pulsators. It controls the location of of a "flag", moving it awayfrom the participant whose pulse becomes slower. In other words, the player whose emotional state is more stable wins.
Clever laboratory
The project is aimed at automating biological research: in this case rodents are observed without their habitual way of life being disturbed; hypothesis testing and promotion.
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